Monday, 18 April 2011

Wish For Wings

Wish For Wings are Australias greatest moshcore band to ever exist, not exactly hardcore punk but has elements of it. Zero original members left but still are really heavy. Newest album sounds alot more melodic then anything they have written before.

Wish For Wings - xDEMOx

1. Intro
2. My Blood For This
4. Visions
5. Take It Back

Wish For Wings - From The Past To The Grave

1. From The Past To The Grave
2. XTommy DollarsX Likes My Band More
3. Face The Jury
4. Elvis
5. Lost My Train Of Thought
6. Boss-Lock
7. Come Out Swinging
8. Untitled

Wish For Wings - As Darkness Fall Tour EP

1. Burnt Back To Life
2. Day By Day
3. Bosslock
4. Elvis

Wish For Wings - Afterlife

1. Introduction
2. Mister Evening
3. Wolves
4. Deepening Darkened World
5. Hang 'Em High
6. Afterlife
7. Best Three Out Of Five
8. Burnt Back To Life
9. Below Zero
10. Death Before Disco
11. Day By Day

Wish For Wings - Echoes

1. Introduction
2. Mirror Match
3. Lives Of Many
4. Echoes
5. Back Into Hell
6. Can't Be Saved
7. Uber Cougar
8. Loose From The Noose
9. Replace The Times
10. Structures
11. I, The Machine
12. Red Mobile
13. Hourglass

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  1. This is so great thanks, but there is still one original member isn't there? One of the twins was always in the band haha