Thursday, 26 May 2011

Twin City

Twin City Faction - We Are The...

1. Cutting Corners
2. Machines Make It Possible... (People Make it Happen)
3. If You Want Art...Go To A Fucking Museum!
4. Johnny's Been Drinkin
5. When Will It Stop?
6. She Shoots Pistols
7. World Stops Turning
8. This Bomb Rocks!

Twin City Faction - Your Secret's Safe With Me...And All My Friends

1. 33 & 1/3
2. Your Secret's Safe With Me...
3. Stay Gold (Pony Boy)
4. I've Seen The Future & I've Left It Behind
5. It's Hard To Stumble When You're On Your Knees
6. Isn't It Time We Were Leaving?

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