Saturday, 9 July 2011


hey I am just going to try and get old stuff from now on and write stuff about the bands when I have time so you know what they sound like before you download the 20 - 30mb file...............
some stuff that would be really cool to share that i want to hear as well
- Backlash - Found My Direction (Before Their Time, Burn All The White Flags, Path Remains)
- Arms Reach (Split w/Scalplock?, Death To Shallow Hardcore, Split w/ Forward Defence, 17 songs in the gong)
- Provoke  - Insane Hombres - Frontside - Zero Tolerance - Playground Of Hate - The Pactxxx  -  Nihilist   - Urban Jersey  - Ceasefire  - No Reason (Above All, Way Splattered Youth)  - Urban Mayhem   - xBleedingx  - Access Step Correct  - Price Of Silence  - Xclaim!  - Straight Forward
also any old compilations would be sweet     EMAIL:


  1. is it true you're gay? if so, that's pretty gay man.

  2. I have a bunch of old Aussie Vinyl, I will try and get my old Preamp Turntable back and rip some vinyl.

  3. thanks craigos, just email the links or post them in the chat box when you around to it
    always good to share music

  4. Cold world aren't Australian man, that 7" was put out by Shortfuse which is an Australian label but they are from Vienna, Austria. I'm not talking about the rap/metalcore band either. here's the facebook