Saturday, 26 March 2011


Drawback - Drawback

1. As You Wish
2. Minimise Deterioration
3. Dousing Mirrors
4. Ignition
5. Verdict
6. Multiply
7. Broadcast
8. As Opposed To Good
9. Submission Hold
10. Go For Self
11. Renew
12. Sick And Tired (Infest Cover)
13. Submission Hold (Live)
14. Remain Intact (Live)
15. Broadcast (Live)

Described as "Sydney Metalcore before metal core got a queer eye make over" which is pretty much spot on. This is classic metallic hardcore but with a twist, many of the songs have a starwars theme to them.
Singer from Age Of Distrust also sang in this band other members of AOD may have also played in the band. This band was very shortlived only putting out a demo and a few compilation tracks, Age Of Distrust came shortly after.

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