Monday, 7 March 2011

Helta Skelta

Helta Skelta - Parasite

1. Static
2. Black Meat
3. Parasite
4. Get It Away (SSD)


  1. What happened/is happening with this band? Got this a while back and it rules, don't know much else about them?

  2. Sorry didn't see this comment until just now. I'm not sure what they are doing at the moment. They live on the other side of the country to me and I was only lucky enough to see them when they played in Sydney last year in a record store. I'm sure if you email Black Wire Records in Sydney (just google it or something) they will give you an update on what the band is doing or planning to do.

  3. They are recording a new LP at the moment. You can follow them at:

    but updates are pretty rare.

  4. the vocalist and guitarist have another sideproject negative reinforcement, hardcore with a 5 or 7" im not to sure out real soon..
    but negative reinforcement have supports for perth ringworm mindsnare tour..