Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Dreamkillers - Carnival Of Skin

1. Fight On
2. Half-A-Man
3. Crazy Ideas
4. Dreamkillers
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This EP is the second release by the band from 1993, released on Velvet Urge Records.
Dreamkillers was made up of ex-members of Mistery Of Sixes and Insane Hombres. Around this time they'd played a show with the then very young Toe To Toe to 1100 people. Go figure?

Dreamkillers - Poison In The Soup

1. On The Night
2. Insomnia
3. Empire
4. Father Can U Help Me
5. Living, Me Breathing Mistake
6. The Monster
7. Pigs

First EP and the band has solid legs to stand on. A film clip on RAGE for On The Night, a definition of a new style in Brisbane with clear elements of Dead Kennedys meets Suicidal Tendencies.

Dreamkillers - Fairgrounds For Insanity

1. Homophobia
2. Love Hate Love
3. I Don't Know You
4. Infant
5. Radio Friendly
6. Latent Karma

3rd EP. 1994 Band was beginning to peak after playing festivals and doing many tours but would head in a more and more metal direction. After this the band would then do a full length on SIREN before singing with Roadrunner Records.

Dreamkillers - Scorched Earth Policy

1. Scorched Earth Policy
2. Wattage
3. No Sense No Feeling
4. Unbearable Light
5. Corpse Juicepts (Parts 1 & 2)
6. Sarah
7. Smut
8. Eftpos
9. Cap
10. Synthetic Nutz
11. Gas Clown
12. All Good Men (Go To Heaven)
13. Diesel Hydraulics
14. Beau
15. Try Again
16. Where's Uncle Gorby?

Dreamkillers - Character Building Hell-Trip

1. Dry Reach
2. Deep Blue Scene
3. Roswell (New Mexico)
4. Lots
5. Prophet In The Aisle
6. The Freak
7. Dark Symphony
8. Bubonic Culture
9. Pheremones
10. Merge Left
11. Little Ascension Sins
12. Past Surrendered

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